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Vocal Evolution


Techniques to sing Blues, Rock, Pop and Jazz

Learn how to sing anything from The Blues to Beyonce in this immersive 32-hour course. Perfect for serious high school students, music majors in college, or experienced adult singers! This workshop not only covers healthy vocal techniques, tips and specific warmups for every style, but also takes students through the historical and social context of each genre, how they developed, and ultimately - how they are all intrinsically connected in American History. The depth with which these concepts are explored helps the modern singer have a deeper understanding of their vocal mechanism as well as to connect to a more authentic, informed source when emotion meets sound. 


Organization price (University, Music School, Community Center) = $3,000

Individual Price (Minimum 5 students. Maximum 15 students.) = $25/hour per student

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Diction for Vocalists

Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet!

Learn the intricate system and sounds of American English and improve your diction when singing any genre! In this 10-week course, you'll master the basics of the International Phonetic Alphabet in transcription and aural comprehension. You'll be able to use this technique with any jazz standard, pop song, etc. Though this class is specifically geared towards Vocalists, all musicians are welcome!


Organization Price (University, Music School, Community Center) = $1,000

Individual Price (Minimum 5 students. Maximum 15 students.) = $25/hour per student

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September 09, 2020

Jana DeBusk Quartet LIVE at the Zoobilee 2020
















Singing and swinging for the Fort Wayne Children Zoo's "Zoobilee 2020"!

August 05, 2020

Ladies of Jazz

Club Room at the Clyde













Jana joins Fort Wayne's own Alicia Pyle and Carly Ingalls for a night celebrating Women in Jazz! Don't miss it! 

July 17, 2020

LIVE at Three Rivers Distilling





















Whether crooning a bolero in Spanish or wailing the Blues, "Jana DeBusk and Friends" is bursting onto the local jazz scene with swingin' new spins on old standards, a touch of latin, and a whole lotta soul. 

September 27, 2019

Ladies Night

Two Weekends ONLY! 


Three Rivers Music Theatre
212 Pearl Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Friday, September 27 • 8PM
Saturday, September 28 • 8PM
Friday, October 4 • 8PM
Saturday, October 5 • 8PM

May 29, 2016

Master Recital: Human Nature

Where: : Franciscus Romanusweg 90. 6221 AH. Maastricht.

When: May 30th at 2pm


With original music by composer and Vocalist Jana DeBusk, a 7-piece band, and songs with names like "Colortechnics", "Conception", and "El Tigre" - this concert is sure to deliver something different. Many of these compositions will be a World Premiere and fuse classical, jazz and soul sensibilities. Enjoy the ride of Human Nature!

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